Mahindra Tractors

Project Description: Social Media Strategy and Campaign Implementation for Mahindra Tractors SA

Client: Mahindra Tractors South Africa
Agency: Baadaye Agency

Overview: Baadaye Agency partnered with Mahindra Tractors South Africa to develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy aimed at promoting their “Tough Enough” positioning. Our objective was to increase brand awareness, educate farmers about Mahindra Tractors’ offerings, and generate quality leads for their dealerships across South Africa.

Our Role: Baadaye Agency was responsible for devising a strategic social media plan and executing a robust marketing campaign on behalf of Mahindra Tractors SA. Our approach included leveraging various digital channels to maximize reach and engagement with the farming community.


  1. Social Media Strategy: Develop a tailored social media strategy that aligns with Mahindra Tractors’ “Tough Enough” positioning and business objectives.
  2. Content Creation: Produce engaging and informative content, including posts, videos, and infographics, to showcase the durability and performance of Mahindra Tractors.
  3. Paid Media Campaigns: Implement targeted paid advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach farmers and decision-makers.
  4. Lead Generation: Utilize lead generation techniques such as gated content, landing pages, and direct response ads to capture and nurture leads for dealership conversions.

Impact: The 14-month social media strategy and marketing campaign aimed to significantly enhance Mahindra Tractors SA’s online presence and market penetration. By increasing brand awareness, educating farmers, and driving lead generation, the campaign sought to strengthen Mahindra Tractors’ position in the competitive agricultural machinery market in South Africa.

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