Why we Exist

Our name is pronounced Baa-dah-Yee and it means "Future" in Swahili. We are a female-founded and youth-led agency.




Humanity has consistently discovered new ways to improve both its livelihood and standard of living. Even though this process has evolved and gotten more sophisticated, one still questions why so many people still endure grave injustices.

With too many problems in the world that need to be solved, our Founder was inspired to launch a company that seeks to solve these problems innovatively and authentically by bringing together a team of young and diverse women who are passionate about using marketing and technology to address the socioeconomic disparities that divide society and communities.

In 2020, Baadaye Agency was born, in the midst of a global pandemic. As a company, we aim to contribute to society by minimizing evident disparities that thin the fabric of society by collaborating with brands to produce campaigns and digital solutions to shift the mindsets and attitudes of people, companies, and governments.

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We are enthusiastic about advancing social equality in underrepresented communities, and we do this by improving companies' interactions with various marginalized consumer groups and communities.

We specifically partner with businesses engaged in the following five core industries: education, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and consulting. These, in our opinion, are crucial industries that can and will propel Africa's economic development and inclusion.

We believe that the future of Africa and the world at large lies in the hands of youth and women.

Therefore, by doing the little changes to make a big difference, we are certain that we can impart the much-needed social change to collectively move humanity towards a prosperous future.

Both current and future generations will benefit from our creative and innovative efforts. We sincerely hope you will share our enthusiasm as we consistently use our work to demonstrate our compassion for people and our intention to leave the world better than we found it.