Standard Bank

Project Description: Marketing Assets for Standard Bank Chairman’s Scholarship Event

Client: Standard Bank
Agency: Baadaye Agency (in partnership with Samuel Agency)

Overview: Standard Bank is committed to fostering education and leadership through initiatives like the Chairman’s Scholarship event. To support this prestigious event, Samuel Agency tasked Baadaye Agency with designing the hero image and a suite of supporting marketing assets. These assets were intended to enhance the visual identity of the event and ensure a consistent and professional presentation across all platforms.

Our Role: Samuel Agency tasked Baadaye Agency with the creative development and design of the hero image and various marketing assets for the Standard Bank Chairman’s Scholarship event.


  1. Hero Image: Design a striking hero image that captures the significance of the Chairman’s Scholarship and sets the tone for the event.
  2. Banners: Create visually appealing banners for use in both digital and physical spaces, promoting the scholarship event.
  3. Email Templates: Develop professional email templates to be used in communication with potential attendees, scholarship applicants, and other stakeholders.
  4. Backdrops: Design engaging backdrops for use at the event, ensuring they enhance the ambiance and provide a suitable backdrop for photos and presentations.
  5. Aide Memoir: Create a comprehensive aide memoir for event participants, including key information and schedules, designed in a user-friendly and visually appealing format.

Impact: The marketing assets designed by Baadaye Agency are intended to elevate the Standard Bank Chairman’s Scholarship event, ensuring a consistent and professional visual identity. These materials will enhance the event’s presentation, facilitate effective communication, and contribute to a memorable experience for attendees.

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