Project Description: E-Commerce and Marketing Campaign for Bamboost

Client: Bamboost
Agency: Baadaye Agency

Overview: Bamboost is an innovative, eco-friendly startup specializing in the manufacturing of laptop stands made from bamboo. Their products are designed to provide sustainable and stylish solutions for students, professionals, and digital nomads/freelancers. Bamboost engaged Baadaye Agency to establish their e-commerce shop, conduct a product photoshoot, and execute a six-month social media marketing campaign to enhance brand visibility and boost sales.

Our Role: Baadaye Agency collaborated with Bamboost to provide a full suite of services aimed at launching and promoting their sustainable laptop stands. Our responsibilities included setting up the e-commerce platform, conducting a detailed product photoshoot, and managing a targeted social media marketing campaign.


  1. E-Commerce Shop Setup: Design and develop an e-commerce shop, ensuring it is optimized for user experience and conversion. This included product listings, shopping cart functionality, and secure payment options.
  2. Product Photoshoot: Conduct a professional photoshoot to capture the aesthetic and practical aspects of Bamboost’s laptop stands. These images were used across the e-commerce site and marketing materials.
  3. Social Media Marketing Campaign: Implement a six-month social media strategy, including content creation, scheduling, and engagement activities across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach students, professionals, and digital nomads/freelancers.

Impact: The combined efforts of establishing an e-commerce presence, producing high-quality product images, and executing a robust social media campaign significantly enhanced Bamboost’s brand visibility. The campaign successfully attracted a diverse audience, driving traffic to the e-commerce shop and boosting sales of their sustainable laptop stands.

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