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Baadaye Agency. The future of Africa redefined!

Our new and exciting rebranding.

As the world changes, it is more important than ever to be a part of it rather than being left behind. We have repositioned and refocused our new brand into a look and feel that drives creativity, adapts to a narrative that is steered by purpose, and puts the ‘future’ first, staying true to our name, which means future in Swahili.

It’s safe to say we’re putting ourselves on the map with our new identity, which includes a new logo, colour palette, clean lines, and a distinct aesthetic. Our logo is an infinity symbol; the symbol depicts who we are, what we are working towards, and our impact — which is eternal.

The sentimentality of the colour palette creates a sense of openness while also providing a sense of freshness, making you feel that Baadaye Agency is the new kid-on-the-block, eagerly aiming to be the breath of fresh air that companies and brands need. Our flawlessly curated workmanship and creativity are highlighted by the clean lines and aesthetics, while our breadth of in-demand services and winning attitude tie everything together, elevating our agency above other industry players.

Our story and vision

In 2020, our future appeared to be in threat, amidst unprecedented uncertainty and global fear. In the midst of the uncertainty, however, Baadaye Agency saw a gleam of optimism. We evolved from that hope into something that allows us to look beyond the pandemic’s challenges and position ourselves in a way that allows us to look to the future while focusing on improving our present circumstances into what we imagine a better world to look and feel like.

At Baadaye, our mission is to be agents of change, with a focus on long-term sustainability and positive societal impact. We aim to emphasise our values of working hand-in-hand with marketing and technology to ensure that future generations are equipped with the right skills, ambitions, and enthusiasm to become tomorrow’s leaders and game changers.

As we take this step ahead, we are reminded of the advantage we have in being able to lead and guide our vision, as well as determining the competencies necessary to achieve our objectives.

“We have to do the right things today for the sake of the next generation!” — Katlego Sekete.

Final thoughts

We plan to be more intentional not only with our work, but also with our brand and vision as we move forward into the future. Our new rebranding gives us the ability to convey our narrative more effectively and to focus our service offerings and in-house tech platforms around our clients and community. Our work exemplifies this and demonstrates our commitment to our clients and mission. Always keep in mind that Baadaye Agency is where the future is redefined. Doing the little changes, to make a big difference.