Package for Standard Social Media Management


With our “Standard Social Media” package, you may improve your online visibility. Get 3 videos, 3 GIFs, and 3 static posts of specially created content for two platforms. We oversee publishing and interaction to maintain audience interest and brand expansion.


With our “Standard Social Media” package, you may increase the visibility of your business and generate meaningful interactions on two key platforms of your choosing. This all-inclusive bundle consists of:

  • Two (2) Platforms: Select any two social media networks that most closely correspond to your intended audience.
  • Nine (9) Personalized Posts:
    • 3 static posts with captivating graphics and photos.
    • 3 GIFs: Animated stuff that is lively and captivating.
    • 3 videos: Top-notch video content to keep viewers interested.
  • publishing & Engagement: To create a vibrant online community, we take care of the publishing schedule and actively interact with your audience.

Your brand will always have a polished and consistent online presence according to our “Standard Social Media” service. Now is the time to improve your digital marketing approach with engaging content that promotes growth and engagement.

Key Features:

  • Creating customized content for your brand
  • A professional posting schedule will maximize your audience.
  • Increasing contact and loyalty with followers through active engagement

Get our “Standard Social Media” plan, and you’ll see a growth in your online presence!


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