Decisions We Make

In a world where reliance on technology and the media is high, a significant portion of our decisions and attitudes are influenced by the media in our environment. We never would have imagined how many of our decisions have been influenced by the media.

Many different media, including television, blogs on the Internet, newspapers, etc., are the main sources through which people learn about brands, trends, political events, global issues, current affairs, etc.

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Baadaye Podcast

Our Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Fat Nation

In the inaugural episode of “Decisions We Make,” we delve into the growing concern of obesity in our society. Exploring the complex factors contributing to

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Episode 2: Degreed and Unemployed

In this thought-provoking episode, we examine the perplexing problem of educated individuals facing unemployment. Through personal stories and expert insights, we explore the disconnect between

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Episode 3: Illiteracy Crisis

The third episode of “Decisions We Make” tackles the critical issue of illiteracy plaguing communities worldwide. Shedding light on the challenges faced by those with

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Episode 4: Teen Mothers

In this emotionally charged episode, we share the stories of teenage mothers who navigate the challenging path of early parenthood. Addressing the myriad of choices

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Episode 5: Fatherless Society

Episode five of “Decisions We Make” delves into the impact of absent fathers on individuals and society as a whole. Exploring the reasons behind fatherlessness

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Episode 6: Groove Culture

In this unique episode, we celebrate the power of music and its influence on culture and decision-making. Diving into the world of groove, rhythm, and

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Episode 7: Pubs vs Books

In this captivating episode, we explore the changing social landscapes of pubs and books in modern society. Discussing the decisions made by individuals and communities

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Episode 8: Fake Beauty

The final episode of “Decisions We Make” delves into the fascinating world of beauty standards and the prevalence of “fake” appearances. Addressing the societal pressure

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Redefining how women
and youth make decisions

Our podcast is designed to inspire and empower people (youth and women) by discussing topics that can help them make better and more informed decisions.

We'll talk about how we interpret the current state of affairs in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world. We will analyze and talk about the effects of media on our decisions, and how those decisions can affect our lives.

We'll invite key guests who will share their perspectives on key topics to assist our listeners with exploring alternatives to guide them with their decision-making processes.

Our podcast matters

People, particularly women, and youth, often need informed guidance on what path to take or decision to make in life, but they usually do not receive this informed guidance for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of encouraging teachers, mentors, and parents, they often end up making the wrong decisions which have adverse and long term implications.

A lack of resources or access to quality information, busy schedules, or apathy also play a role. As a result, most people choose to rely on mass media, friends and family to inform their decisions. 

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